Lakbay Kalikasan prepares students for the real world by providing experiences that bridge classroom learning and real-world living. This is Outbound Education; specially-designed tours and destinations, that provide engaging experiences that touch the mind, body, and spirit and can change lives. Through Outbound Education, students gain new knowledge and insight; develop a healthy attitude and positive values; and learn practical life skills .

Our Approach

The Succession Principle

Lakbay Kalikasan uses a ladderized approach to experiential learning. Students are gradually brought and exposed to different environments based on their age and learning capacity. Across different levels, students learn by seeing, feeling, thinking and doing. This progressive learning framework aims to produce critical thinkers who take action.

K to 12 Aligned

Lakbay Kalikasan is constantly developing experiential methods of immersive learning, following a progressive paradigm of awareness, appreciation, and action.

The recommended programs under the Succession Principle are aligned to the K to 12 curriculum conforming to the physical, mental and emotional capabilities of the age levels.