Educational Tours

Preparing Your Students for Real Life Through Experience-Based Learning

Educational Tours

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Preparing Your Students for Real Life Through Experience-Based Learning


Design your educational tour with the learning outcome in mind. Work with us to plan an integrated high-tech, high-touch experience appropriate for the age level of your learners. We take care of the details so you don’t have to deal with the headaches.


Schedule a trip that matches the topic you’re discussing, relevant to the desired learning outcome. We will help you choose among our recommended sites and programs that build on your learners’ previous trips.


Experience the fun and adventure with your students.  Our facilitators will work with you to discuss and process your learners’ observations and learnings.

Students learn a lot more when they get firsthand experiences. Outbound Education® by Lakbay Kalikasan is experiential learning at its best! We bridge classroom learning to real-world living so students see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel the real world in real time. Then we help them process and reflect on their experience, sealing in the learning.


Trips that engage the students’ sense of curiosity and wonder. Introduction to real world concepts. From Kinder to sixth grade, Lakbay Kalikasan creates programs that enhance younger children’s appreciation of the world we live in.

Junior High School

Riding on the increasing self-awareness of students in the seventh to tenth grade, the programs in junior high school highlight the natural and social environments. Deeper-level thinking, communication, cooperation, and strategic planning are introduced.

Senior High School

Real-world applications and 21st-century skills are developed in the senior high school programs. With specialized sites and strand-based learning outcomes, senior high students are encouraged to actively participate in their communities and make a difference.

educational tours without the headaches


We focus on the safety and logistics so you can focus on learning and the experience. With multiple facilitators per bus, well-equipped and certified emergency medical technicians, risk-assessed sites, and comprehensive insurance, safety is one less thing for you to worry about.


From high-tech to high-touch, experiences are designed for learners to gain new knowledge, develop positive values, and practice new skills. New Learning Enhancement Tools and Activities (LETA) are designed to elicit creativity, critical thinking,
and collaboration.

Adventure + Delight

Biodiverse forests and seas. Awe-inspiring historical sites that awaken nationalism. Communities that cradle culture, crafts and commerce. We take students on adventures so fun, they forget that they’re learning. .